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Valeryan & The Birth of The Beatles

Back in 1963 Dick Rowe of Decca  actually turned down the Fab 4  – a fact that possibly every Beatles fan in the world knows …

A lesser know fact is that two years later the same Dick Rowe signed school girl Valerie Anne Lawrence to Decca and My Love Loves Me was released as a single very soon after!

Similarly few would realise that the same schoolgirl of all those years ago is still releasing albums as VALERYAN ..

It all happened after I had appeared on Hughie Green’s TV talent show Opportunity Knocks in the summer of 1965 ….During the next two weeks after the show was broadcast nationally, my parent’s telephone hardly stopped ringing as they were bombarded by numerous talent scouts/agents/producers and the aforementioned Dick Rowe…. of Decca.

Luckily for me my parents’ did allow me to take up the contract but they both had their heads screwed on right so I wasn’t allowed to do live shows or tours …. it was contracted the way they wanted it…… and dictated!

I’d never have survived it all if I’d been thrust headlong into the music business at that time and I’m eternally grateful for my dad’s common sense decision. Mind you at the time I rebelled like hell as you’d imagine!!

While this is all absolutely true I didn’t expect to find my story included in a recent huge publicity campaign about The Birth of The Beatles………

I was sent the link below out of the blue just a few weeks ago …  while almost everything is accurate I wouldn’t have called it The Val Richards Story, and neither would I have included a video as  of my days as part of The Settlers which was made before my time and features Cindy Kent!

Perhaps click on the link and have a laugh … as I did!


COVENTRY CAROL (with Blackbird)


In the summer of 2013 we were  recording 12 pilot vocals for the White Christmas album which was released later that year.  As the day was hot and airless and the vocal tracks  would all be re recorded for real at a later date, we weren’t worried about sounds from outside, so we opened all the windows.  A little Blackbird was sitting in a tree just next to where we were working and the mic picks up his beautiful song during this take of Coventry Carol. If you listen very carefull you’ll hear him in the second verse!

This video, which is one of my favourites, was once again produced in USA by Gary Quinn who has created  so many others for my songs.

Watch and enjoy the magical story of that first Christmas of so long ago.





VALERYAN’S fifth album which is called Groovy Reflections  has been produced in conjunction with USA based internet radio station of the same name. The album is to be released on 20th October 2017 and on that date it will be available for download and streaming from I-TUNES, Amazon and all major download stores worldwide.


Groovy Reflections  album has 22 tracks and all have been played by Paul Dee over the last few months on his radio show  “My Front Porch” which goes out daily, worldwide,  on the USA internet radio station.

Photograph – Robert Forbes June 2017 –   Seascape – Emerald Beach North Carolina – Gary Quinn 

                                               Artwork – One Media IP – Pinewood Studios Middlesex UK




This week Valeryan’s  track Summer Festival Blues appeared for the first time in the Top 40 on South Africa’s internet radio station ZONE RADIO. The track is currently in at no 24 and all the while it’s in the charts it’s getting more and more air play.  This can’t be bad so let’s help it go up the charts over the next few weeks.

The radio station has sent us links so that you can vote to keep Summer Festival Blues in the charts.  This isn’t cheating everyone in their Top 40 has been issued with the same instructions!  Voting is very easy to do – lust click on the  link and it takes you to the right page on their website 

You can help even more by going to their Facebook page and asking them to play the song!!


The track is included in the album July 14 which is available from I-TUNES along with a further Valeryan originals written since 2014.




Once again USA internet radio station Groovy Reflections is featuring some of Valeryan’s tracks. This week the theme of the show From My Back Porch is Folkies from Across the Pond.   Presenter Paul Dee, who featured two of Valeryan’s tracks on his show back in January, has added Long Black Veil and The Kat Song from Valeryan to those of Cat Stevens, the late Sandy Denny and Ralph McTell…. Mary Black, Donovan  & The Watersons   This is quite a distinguished line up to say the least to those of you old enough to remember …..

The poster shows  Cat Stevens, Sandy Denny and Ralph McTell as they were way back then and Valeryan as she is now.   Valeryan, although a little younger really was a contemporary of her distinguished fellow artists,  and was caught on camera by Bob Evans with a sneaky camera shot in between numbers at The Baskerville Hall Clyro unplugged acoustic session on 31st August a few days ago. Quite clearly Bob’s picci shows off a Groovy Reflections Radio T-Shirt – probably the only one to have to have travelled across the pond to UK……

The show goes out Tuesday 13th September at 6pm (Eastern Time; GMT 11pm); Thursday 17th September  9pm (Eastern Time; 2am GMT) and Saturday 19th September at 11am (Eastern Time; 4pm GMT)