Seasonal Collection
My Xmas seasonal collection is available to purchase. You can hear samples on my iTunes page.  
Rolling Road
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Moving Shadows
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Who Knows Where the Time Goes
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New Album “Reflections”


Reflections Album Cover resized Click on album cover and this will take you to my I-TUNES page


Three of the tracks on Reflections are a real blast from the past  – Number 12A Heartache Square, My Love Loves Me ( the one with harps and massive orchestration!) and Drifter’s Sunrise have all been remastered from vinyl and were originally released on Decca when I was a kid  in the middle 60’s, using my birth name Valerie Anne Lawrence!

Country Roads as it appears here could be a collector’s item for Settlers fans … it starts using an old rehearsal tape of a Settlers  back in 1976 where I’m singing one of the harmony lines, and it drifts into my 2013 version of the song …..

… and of course Whichaway Billy and Hobbit Land are Settlers releases, also remastered from vinyl, featuring a very young me on lead vocals … but NOT I must add on female backing vocals which are a complete mystery to me .. no idea who provided those – it certainly wasn’t me!


Long Black Veil is a new recording of one of my favourites from folk club days many years ago,  while At 17,   I’ve always loved but never got to sing until 2013 when we started this project.  La Mer was a challenge from my music partner and producer and I can’t resist a challenge – and The Lightning Tree is a totally different version of the old Settlers hit from the early 70s.   This recording of She Moved Through the Fair,  which I’ve been singing a capella for many years, was added to the collection in early March 2014 … and the  new version of My Love Loves Me was recorded in 2013 … what a difference time makes ….

Anyway – hope you enjoy some of these Reflections from my music career as much as I have enjoyed recording them, both long ago as well as here and now ….