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Massa Lubrense Spirit 

Massa Lubrense Spirit is a new video from Valeryan telling a deep mysterious love story from long ago which is based on  real events.

The Story

The story tells of two young students  from London University hitching down to Italy during the summer break . They just wanted to chill out and enjoy stressless time together. At the start of their journey they were blisfully in love and happy, and decided, amongst other places, to visit the beautiful fishing village of Massa Lubrense.

This photo of Massa Lubrense is courtesy of TripAdvisor


The car the students had been travelling in pulled up near to the fishing village and they were left at the side of a dusty road to continue their journey on foot.  A short distance along the road there was a track which led down to the beautiful rocky bay itself.  One of them  had visited Massa Lubrense a few years earlier and he wanted to show his young fiancee this idealic place, so he led the way down the remembered track to the sea. 

The young couple spent several perfect days at Massa Lubrense, while  enjoying the ambience of the place and the gorgeous Italian weather. To this day neither has  ever forgotten that magical time, when they were both so young.

Mysteriously, soon after leaving Italy and returning to London, the two students  reassessed their lives and just went their separate ways splitting up forever. 

Across the years the  pair have been in touch occasionally and neither can explain quite why they parted as they did, agreeing it was still one of life’s little mysteries.  But not so according to the words spoken by the Spirit of Massa Lubrense in this song!

The lyrics as “spoken” by the Spirit are in both Italian and English. She  captures the imagination of the listener as she provides the reason behind  what prompted the students  to make such a sudden change in the course of their lives. 

The Italian chorus translated is very simple … “Young love is very beautiful but you are both too young. Tomorrow you will part for ever, so sieze the moment while you can!”

At the time of writing Massa Lubrense Spirit, both are still living in the UK many miles apart and are both  happily married.  They agree the Massa Lubrense memories will always be with them as long as they live and are part of the ever increasing rich tapestry of experiences which make them both the people who they are today.

The song is available for download on I-TUNES Groovy Reflection Album