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USA’s listening to Valeryan – and that’s a fact!!!!

Last week at Speakeasy Recordings we received this from DJ Paul Dee – Groovy Reflections Radio – USA 12565486_1112379618796053_6174800600353815449_n

On taking a closer look there was a picture of a young Valeryan with guitar  –  see bottom left…….

Groovy Reflections Radio 

Groovy Reflections Radio is an internet based station which mainly streams tracks from way back, but also has live shows featuring new music. The station is transmitted from New Hampshire on the eastern side of USA and can be picked up loud ‘n clean in UK and the rest of Europe.

According to Groovy Reflections Radio DJ Paul Dee .. he was featuring two of Valeryan’s tracks on his radio show My Front Porch and the show went out from New Hampshire on the East Coast of USA  4 times during the week. We managed to catch the show here in the UK last Saturday too!

Featured Tracks

Tracks featured on Paul’s show were Summer Festival Blues, written and recorded by Val  in 2015 and included on new album JULY 14 released last November, and Whichaway Billy  originally recorded in 1976 but remastered from vinyl and included on her Reflections album released in  2014.

Producer Pete Goodall

Whichaway Billy was a remaster from 1976 when she was part of The  Settlers (UK) pop/folk band, it was co written and  originally produced by Pete Goodall for the Riverdale label – and that’s when he first met her…. Over the last 5 years Pete has worked again with Valeryan and has produced all of her recent releases for Speakeasy Recordings and One Media – these  include 4 solo albums, Rolling Road (2012); White Christmas (2013) Reflections (2014); July 14 (2015)  and three singles Who Knows Where the Time Goes (2011); Moving Shadows (2012) and As the Nights Draw In (2014). All tracks are available for download on I-TUNES,  Amazon and all major download stores worldwide.


Spaceman Came Travelling

Spaceman appears to be moving on I-TUNES   ….  LOL

Valeryan’s cover track that’s been sitting on I-TUNES, Amazon and Sound Cloud for two years has suddently started moving ….

Impossible things happen sometimes…..  especially at Christmas time  …..   so it appears….. Must be something to do with the mince pies and booze ………

Anyway, for once her in there on synth and vocals can’t complain … neither  can him out there on guitar  ….

… but wait a minute it says featuring Thunderclap  but I can only hear her in there messing about on synth  …..

… maybe judge for yourself … take a free listen on Sound Cloud ….   well it IS Christmas ….

Check it out here….      White Christmas website


JULY 14 has finally made it to I-TUNES

Valeryan’s new album of all original songs has finally appeared on her I-TUNES page after numerous set backs and false dawns – just in time for Christmas! Click on the link below and take a listen?

There’s a song there for everyone ….. thought provoking, sad, happy ….. and a style for everyone ranging through pop, blues, rock, country  and even almost classical.

Hope you enjoy!

!cid_CB2D2D0A1C974F39A50C078063168DEA@ValeriePCClick Here to buy this album!




JULY 14  New Album from Valeryan

JULY 14  was finally  sent to I-TUNES  two weeks ago by our distributors One Media at Pinewood Studios in Middlesex.  Thanks guys!

Live Date???

JULY 14’s been sent to I-TUNES but no one as yet has the faintest idea when the live date will be!   This is giving us a tiny bit of a problem – knowing when to start the pre release publicity programme … again …..

We originally started  publicity way back before June, which proved to have been a complete waste of time, energy and cash as we hit a  major problem in July, of all months, with mastering.  This not only surprised us somewhat, but also of course set everything back a tad ……  Now we have to start the pre release publicity all over again, and  my guess is we’ll miss the boat altogether and be caught completely  with the album being live and nobody whatsoever knowing it’s there.  It’s a case of will it be live for Christmas 2015 , 16 or 17 ?  Hopefully 15 after all the hard work, but your guess is as good as mine ……

Don’t you just love this crazy music business!

All Original Tracks

JULY 14 has 12 tracks , 11 are written by Valeryan and the 12th one, Still Remembering is a collaboration with guitarist Mike Coombs a friend from way back.  Mike wrote and recorded the original tune in Norfolk as Remembering and  sent his track to Valeryan in Herefordshire where she wrote  the lyric and vocal line, adding this to his original playing.

All 11 originals are arranged by  Valeryan and recording partner Thunderclap and all were recorded at Speakeasy in Herefordshire, and finally mastered by Torch Music in Ascot