Seasonal Collection
My Xmas seasonal collection is available to purchase. You can hear samples on my iTunes page.  
Rolling Road
You can download tracks from the Rolling Road Album here...  
Moving Shadows
You can download the Moving Shadows single here...  
Who Knows Where the Time Goes
You can download the Who Knows Where the Time Goes single here...  


JULY 14 has finally made it to I-TUNES

Valeryan’s new album of all original songs has finally appeared on her I-TUNES page after numerous set backs and false dawns – just in time for Christmas! Click on the link below and take a listen?

There’s a song there for everyone ….. thought provoking, sad, happy ….. and a style for everyone ranging through pop, blues, rock, country  and even almost classical.

Hope you enjoy!

!cid_CB2D2D0A1C974F39A50C078063168DEA@ValeriePCClick Here to buy this album!