Seasonal Collection
My Xmas seasonal collection is available to purchase. You can hear samples on my iTunes page.  
Rolling Road
You can download tracks from the Rolling Road Album here...  
Moving Shadows
You can download the Moving Shadows single here...  
Who Knows Where the Time Goes
You can download the Who Knows Where the Time Goes single here...  



VALERYAN’S fifth album which is called Groovy Reflections  has been produced in conjunction with USA based internet radio station of the same name. The album is to be released on 20th October 2017 and on that date it will be available for download and streaming from I-TUNES, Amazon and all major download stores worldwide.


Groovy Reflections  album has 22 tracks and all have been played by Paul Dee over the last few months on his radio show  “My Front Porch” which goes out daily, worldwide,  on the USA internet radio station.

Photograph – Robert Forbes June 2017 –   Seascape – Emerald Beach North Carolina – Gary Quinn 

                                               Artwork – One Media IP – Pinewood Studios Middlesex UK