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Who Knows Where the Time Goes
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About Valeryan

Valeryan was part of The Settlers back in the mid 70s and after leaving the band to follow a solo career she worked all over the United Kingdom, and toured in Norway, Holland, Malta, Sicily and Zambia to name but a few countries.


After bumping into Pete Goodall in Hereford in 2010, Pete suggested that they did an album together at his recording studio  and the rest as they say is ancient history. Rolling Road went live on I-TUNES in 2012 and many others have followed since then.

The Settlers (who formed in the mid 1960s) were joined by Valeryan in early 1976 replacing Andie Sheridan as the band’s female vocalist. She was in the line-up and played a key part in the recording of ‘Whichaway Billy’ a single both written and produced by Pete Goodall for the Riverdale label being released in October 1976. Soon after, Valeryan left the band to focus on her solo career.

She worked in a variety of UK folk clubs while still a student and finally after six years graduating from London University with a B.Sc. in Zoology and a Ph.D. in Animal Behaviour, went into showbiz for real. She then traveled around the country with her folk cabaret act before joining The Settlers, appearing on BBC 2’s “Poems & Pints” with Max Boyce, playing Principal Girl in pantomime at Leeds Grand with Harry Worth, and Cannon & Ball, and was no stranger to BBC Radio 2’s folk scene.

Valeryan and Pete hadn’t worked together since the mid 70s having lost contact after The Settlers single. The album Rolling Road is produced by Pete Goodall and engineered by Brian Robertson in Hereford and mastered by Turan Audio in Oxford.

“Valeryan’s version of the Sandy Denny song ‘Who Knows Where The Time Goes’ is just lovely. I’ll be giving it a play alright. With this album, she’s made a new project out of one of those interesting things which has been languishing in the archives.” – Reaction from John Cavanagh, DJ at Radio Six International.

Rolling Road consists of 12 tracks, nine of which are written by Valeryan and provide musical entertainment encompassing contrasting styles of voice and arrangement. The album features genres including Latin, country rock, contemporary and traditional folk, jazz, blues, and pop.