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Monthly Archives: March 2017


South African Charts – Zone Radio Update 26th March

Latest update, today Sunday 26th March Valeryan’s Summer Festival Blues was at no 5 in the Zone Radio Top 40. Still time to vote the track UP even further – go to click on Top 40 and hit the UP button next to the song

USA Groovy Reflections Radio Update

Thank you to Paul Dee of USA’s Groovy Reflections Radio for having played  Valeryan‘s  a capella version of the Irish Traditional song She Moved Through The Fair as part of their celebrations of St Patrick’s Day.

Paul’s show ” From My Front Porch” goes out weekly with daily repeats and has featured 11 of Valeryan’s released recordings during the past 13 months. 




This week Valeryan’s  track Summer Festival Blues appeared for the first time in the Top 40 on South Africa’s internet radio station ZONE RADIO. The track is currently in at no 24 and all the while it’s in the charts it’s getting more and more air play.  This can’t be bad so let’s help it go up the charts over the next few weeks.

The radio station has sent us links so that you can vote to keep Summer Festival Blues in the charts.  This isn’t cheating everyone in their Top 40 has been issued with the same instructions!  Voting is very easy to do – lust click on the  link and it takes you to the right page on their website 

You can help even more by going to their Facebook page and asking them to play the song!!


The track is included in the album July 14 which is available from I-TUNES along with a further Valeryan originals written since 2014.